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Piano, in my opinion, is one of the most complete musical instrument one can come across. When it is played, it often leaves one feeling elated and satisfied with what they have heard. And even on its own, the listener never feels a void that any other instrument could have fulfilled. Piano is complete on its own.

Keyboard instruments, as the name suggests, are instruments that are played with the help of a keyboard that plays the tunes. Among these instruments come piano, organ, electronic keyboards, synthesizers, celestas among many others.

The piano is thus a subtype of keyboard instruments and while they have evolved greatly over the years, the basic idea remains the same. There are a total of 88 keys, of which 52 are white and 36 black, each leading to separate strings. As each key is played, a padded hammer strikes the respective string. The string begins to vibrate at its resonant frequency and thus the musical note is played. This same principal is utilized in both types of piano, the acoustic version and the electric ones, both of which are available in Modesto recording studios and each piano is beautifully played to create the perfect note.

Among the acoustic pianos are the grand piano, one that you often see in the foyers and hallways of hotels and buildings. The other type is the upright piano, in which the frame and strings are placed in an upright, vertical direction. The difference between the two is just this, apart from this the keys and sound quality is more or less the same. While grand pianos, a hint evident from the name, are more for professional events, concerts and sadly, often just for lavish decor, the upright pianos are used in universities, schools and other places for rehearsals and teaching purposes.

Among the modern pianos are the electric ones, which were born out of a need for a modernized version as the music progressed to form branches of rock, jazz fusion among others, something we see quite often in the Modesto Recording Studios. As mentioned before, the principal is the same of making music out of vibrations as force is applied, here the strings are replaced by metal times and the electromagnetic pickups are the hammers. Some versions of electric pianos also have oscillators which basically synthesize the sound of an acoustic piano.

However, this does not mean that the two can be used interchangeably. Their sounds are unique to each type so specific for the genres they are originally intended for. Modesto Recording Studios particularly make use of these types as per the requirement of the type of song or music. If you want to appreciate these types of piano and other keyboard instruments, then a Modesto Recording Studio is the place to go!

Are you really passionate and maniac about music? Do the strings of guitar and rhythm of piano make you feel zealous? Then Modesto recording studio, “Industry Sound Studio”, is the platform to make your dreams turn into reality. Having a comfy environment of professionalism and all the way down to updated technology; it will surely take you on a roller coaster ride of music recording. You can either record your voice or full blown band; it really doesn’t matter as the Modesto recording studio is fully equipped and functional in accord to your needs. Having all the necessary equipment you can book your session without any dilemma.

On the flip, are you yearning to have experience and professional exposure of the music industry? Whether you are a musician or sound engineer or, above all, have great vocals you can now have the taste of internship at a Modesto recording studio to see what really happens in practical life. If you have the passion for music and you think you are really committed and serious about it, then avail the internship opportunity to polish your skills and weave your path in the competitive music industry.

 From recording to marketing, composition to mixing these are some of the services being offered at the Modesto recording studio. Moreover, the recording engineer at the Modesto sound studio has professional experience at different recording studios and with various artists. So who knows? Maybe you can be the next rock star or country singer and smash all records?

Music is something that can only be understood by heart and feelings. If you breathe music and understand it well, your active involvement in the Modesto recording studio can assist you in becoming part of the music industry. All in all, grab your chance to show who you really are and make some music with sessions starting at just $25.